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We believe excellence is not accidental; excellence happens when cultivated and embodied by an organization, especially by lay or ordained leaders. Our mission is simple: We serve those who serve others by making excellence happen. What drives our team is a call to inspire excellence and empower transformation within both individuals and organizations. We know that building strong relationships with our clients is the essential ingredient to a successful project.

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Our approach is both pastoral and prophetic. In our pastoral role, we want to know our clients’ stories, understand what they value, learn about their vision and dreams, and ask questions that enrich our work together. In our prophetic role, whether it is a small or large endeavor, we want to be a conduit for transformation by empowering our clients to be creative, courageous, and resilient in their Kingdom-building work.

At Rite One Consulting, we serve churches, schools, and organizations seeking our help with a transformational project, while also being mindful stewards of their organization's budget and the finite available people resources within their institution. As a result of our extensive experience, we have developed a collection of skills, tools, and resources to help our clients' visionary projects become a reality. However, what makes us truly unique is how we tailor our project-based consulting to meet the needs of our clients, who expect innovative and cost-effective professional expertise and proven results.

If you have a project need other than the examples listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to customize our consulting services to the needs and vision of our clients.


We work with organizations’ governance/leadership group(s) to develop comprehensive and unified strategic visions that inspire excellence, cultivate transparency, promote mutual accountability, and underscore an organization’s mission, vision, and values. Our philosophical approach ideally seeks to include all stakeholders in the strategic planning process. Whether it is facilitating the strategic planning process or primarily serving as an advisor, we are committed to helping our clients realize a strategic vision that is accessible, relevant, and measurable.


Experience has taught us that healthy, successful, and sustainable organizations have engaged, active governance members who appreciate their roles and carry out responsibilities appropriately. Our Rite One team offers individual counsel, orientation, and education to governance groups and their leaders. We can lead workshops, host webinars, facilitate retreats, and give presentations on governance topics for organizations large and small. We also offer a comprehensive “clergy coaching” (executive coaching) program.


Human resources are among an organization’s most valuable assets. Strategically developing these resources is essential. Rite One Consulting is committed to building healthy, cohesive, and innovative leadership teams and leaders. Amid the hectic and demanding environment of non-profit organizations where volunteers comprise the majority of leaders and make mission-centric decisions, the retreat environment offers a change of pace and an intentional environment optimal for visionary and transformational work.


Preparing to call a new clergy person, school head, or non-profit executive can be a daunting endeavor without the proper support and guidance. We offer our clients unparalleled expertise and support throughout the search process. Our objective is to help our clients identify proven leaders who will deeply align with their organization’s mission, values, and culture. We work with our clients to develop job descriptions, search profiles, and assessment tools to target, attract, and call the right candidates. When appropriate, we will create a thoughtful marketing campaign and leverage our extensive professional networks to draw the best candidates from throughout the country.


Branding and marketing solutions do not need to be expensive, glitzy endeavors. The majority of our branding/marketing clients are small and medium-sized organizations shocked by the exorbitant cost of marketing agencies. We believe our clients deserve the same exceptional marketing solutions without the big-ticket price tag. These are some ways we can impact your organization’s message: Lead a branding process, build a strategy for brand messaging across all print and digital formats, generate strategic marketing plans for campaigns, develop and implement a style guide, perform production and post-production of video content, design a website, and manage social media.


Is your church, school, or organization looking to expand its impact within the greater community but needing some strategic guidance? Our team can help you strengthen your public partnerships and build innovative outreach solutions to individuals and communities in need. 


Growing a faith-based organization takes time, leadership, resources, money, and most importantly, volunteers who are deeply committed to the organization’s vision and growth strategy. At Rite One, we believe our best work with growth and evangelism happens through empowerment. We feel called to educate and empower an organization’s various stakeholders to be the vessel through which substantial and lasting growth is cultivated. In our approach, the student soon becomes the teacher. Therefore, when clients engage us about growth and evangelism, we focus on transforming organizational culture, shifting the work from few to many, and developing organizational habits and norms that continually reinforce Christ's message of welcome and unconditional love.


A solid financial infrastructure and a sustained, healthy stewardship culture are the essential ingredients to the long-term financial success and sustainability within our faith-based institutions. During the past couple of decades, our church institutions’ financial paradigm has radically shifted, which has placed significant strain on many churches, schools, and organizations. We offer our clients a variety of services and resources focused on examining and adapting their financial infrastructures and stewardship practices amid the shifting fiscal and operational landscape. We are committed to helping shift our clients’ financial and stewardship ethos from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset. 




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