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Leap of Faith: Jumping into Episcopal Consulting

2020 proved to be an unpredictable and unprecedented year. Am I crazy to leap into a relatively uncharted ministry in the Episcopal Church, especially amid the pandemic landscape?

Probably crazy, but I would much rather have people call me bold or enterprising, or at least innovative. I genuinely believe our Episcopal institutions (churches, schools, and non-profits) and leaders can significantly benefit from the professional support of coaching and project-based consultation on improving ministries, congregational growth, management strategies, financial stewardship and sustainability, technology, and training.

I worry about my fellow clergy, who now confront burnout, isolation, and professional dissatisfaction at an alarming rate. We expect clergy and other institutional leaders to be experts in all things and to do more than ever despite dwindling financial, institutional, and people resources. Our institutions now seek "superheroes" and "unicorns" rather than thoughtful and innovative shepherds.

Rite One is my attempt to reverse the unhealthy clergy trends in the Episcopal Church. Clergy will serve longer, pastor more effectively, and be instrumental in growing the congregation and the lay leadership when they are valued, supported, and connected. Our most effective and innovative leaders are expected by their institutions to maintain a healthy and robust work/life balance and continually seek opportunities to learn and grow. Excellence begins within the individual and I hope to help my colleagues realize all of the excellence that lies within them.

The demands and expectations of our lay leaders have become unreasonable and overwhelming. We are raising up a workforce of professional volunteers rather than servants of God. Good and faithful people leave our Episcopal institutions depleted and disheartened because they are expected to be the "pseudo" staff members. Through Rite One, I want to offer to the Episcopal Church new ways of stewarding our people resources and better utilize the opportunity of professional consultation. My goal is to help our clients leverage their own expertise and experience together with their institutions' collective expertise, experience, and assets, acting in our clients' best interest as a trusted adviser.

So the journey begins this winter at Rite One Consulting...

Our mission is simple: "We serve those who serve others by helping make excellence happen." If we are successful, excellence will happen--and happen often.

Our daily vision and prayer are "to inspire excellence and transform communities by building relationships with our clients."

I invite you to leap with us!


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